Posted by: Joey | February 18, 2008

Please keep us updated

I have sent out update through email. Just in case you haven’t received one please let us know through the comment section below. You can read some of the stories here and here.

My computer’s hard disk had crashed for some unknown reason. I think being overused is not a reason for a disk to crash. But it crashed anyway so I am using a very slow computer. For that reason and another, I can’t keep this blog updated as I want.  I sent a wordpress invite to some MBC members out there to help me keep this blog updated.

I encourage you to post anything like testimonies, devotional material, stories, sermons, church happenings, movie reviews, book reviews and others. Young people I challenged to be more involved in this site. Rather than spending your time chatting or playing games, let us spend sometime here and be a blessing to others.

Let us keep this site updated. If you can’t post directly here, sent me an email or post it in your friendster, multiply, etc. just let me know and I will follow you there.

Please pray for us.   We need a lot of support from you all out there. Little becomes much if you placed it in God’s hand.


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